Bad dream

Imagine you are at a holiday party and talking to an old friend.
This was taken from Big Al Schreiter.
You don’t mention you have an opportunity. Instead you talk about the weather and some old television show from childhood.
And the next day your friend joins a network marketing business and calls you and says, “Oh, I just found out about network marketing. So, I joined this new business and I would like you to be my first distributor!”
Well, of course you would feel bad, but being polite, you would wish your friend good luck in his new business.
At next year’s holiday party, again you meet your old friend who now has 200 members in his downline and over 1,000 customers in his group … and then you wake up from your nightmare thinking, “I should not prejudge. I should let everyone know about my business and let them have a choice.”
You will sleep better at night if you let everyone know about your business.
See – you always have a choice.
Best regards
Friedrich Fritz