The best work you can do – make it profitable

Dear entrepreneurs,
from the activities of my Affiliates I learn much. Even if they are inactive. Somebody has joined SFI because he was searching the web for some lucratvice concepts that would change life. Finally they saw ads generated from SFI and their Affiliates and signed in.
But once they are within the Network of SFI they are really do not understand what they should do.
They feel bored to do every day the same things: check the To-Do-List and read the informations. This will bring them some
VersaPoints but they won’t get a payment at all.

The only thing that they can receive a payment is through sales via their Triple Clicks Connection Page.
For each sale they generate they will  receive 45 % direct commission. But the only thing to generate sales is to let
people know, that the Affiliate  is here and provide the things people need.

The internet has it’s own rules. Once the Affiliate has his own link from the SFI Network he should promote this link every day
and on many places. One has to be known in the internet – not only on a single Facebook side. They need all the great and small
Internet platforms to offer his items and services.

Keep the business alive and be connected with your business  – let your business be connected over and over again.
One place to make promotion is PTC (Payed by Click) sites. They  are different sited that offer such a service.
The costs for this promotion are manageable and should not ruin the budget of anyone.
In order to earn in SFI the most important aspect is to have a working downline and second important is to
attain an EA status every month.

Read the literature from SFI. It is not enough to start Team Leader status in the first month, without having a strong and active downline. The big and recurring payments are coming from a strong team.

I am here for your assistance. So, please feel free to contact me any time.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz












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