Funtastic Fifty: Connections

That is absolutely true. We are all a part of the same. We are all a part of you. You are a part of me.

Avenue of Daydreams

The warmth of an embrace, the looks into each other’s eyes: they are all undeniable parts of feeling this.  Before she falls asleep, her mind recounts the memories and accepts the new truth.  This was more than what everyone thought, it was a connection that could never be pushed aside. 

Its been a little while since I’ve posted up a Fifty.  I’ve had some personal things to take care of.  Writing is therapeutical and every time I sit down, I want to write something fun.  But I really want to figure out that story I want to write and I think I finally found it. Inspiration is slowly coming back.

Have you ever felt a connection so strong it was hard to push away?

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