How to convince your prospects?

Tom Big ‚Al‘ Schreiter is a Marketing Team Work guru. He teaches newcomers how to make Network Marketing Business a success.
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It is worth reading his awesome tips. When we ask prospects to join SFI we cannot say that they all will agree and join.
But – if you use killer questions – you could convince much more.
Here are some choice of them:
*Who do you think really cares how much is in your savings account 10 years from now?
* How long will you receive a salary after you leave your job?
* Will your company still benefit from your work after you leave?
* If you wanted to stay home with your family, have you thought of other ways to get regular paychecks?
* Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra monthly check that covers all your car payments?

My worthless sponsor should make his business cards out of toilet paper so they would at least serve a purpose.

Question: What do all your presentations have in common?

Answer:  They all offer time freedom and money freedom.

You will never have a prospect tell you:

„Oh, I don’t want to join because I don’t want any of that time freedom or money freedom. I think I’d like more debt, less money, and more time at work.“

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Well, if all of your prospects want time freedom and money freedom, and your presentation offers time freedom and money freedom, then why don’t all of your prospects join?

Because they don’t have the confidence that they can personally achieve time freedom and money freedom with your opportunity.

Sure, you can do it, but they don’t think they can do it.

Now here is the key. When prospects don’t have the confidence that they have the skills necessary for our opportunity, here is what most people do:

They start introducing new benefits.

They tell the prospect about three-way calls, nice brochures, perfect videos, fancy meetings, car bonuses, and lots of other nice benefits. But they are missing the point.

The prospect doesn’t think he can do it, so it doesn’t matter how wonderful the benefits are.

The solution?

Instead of talking about more benefits, concentrate on showing your prospect how simple it can be to do your business. Maybe you can give your prospect a „one-minute presentation“ or a two-minute story to the subconscious mind. Just make it easy.

Give your prospect confidence that he can be successful in your business. That’s what is holding your prospect back – confidence. Image






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